Secret Seasons

We love experiencing places in a new light and with fewer people around, lower rates and landscapes changed by the seasons, the off-peak months are often an underrated time to travel. In the low season there are certain destinations that come alive with migrating wildlife, autumn colours or a dusting of snow, which each make for a wonderful and unique adventure.

We've picked our favourite secret seasons that we think are just as spectacular in the low season, from winter in Bhutan to autumn in Tuscany and spring in Slovenia to summer in Cambodia.


Tibet: December - February

As long as you don’t forget to pack your winter warmers visiting Tibet during the winter can be incredible rewarding. It’s during this time that you’ll be able to witness the pilgrims from the remote mountains of Tibet pouring into the capital of Lhasa, donning colourful traditional wears in preparation for Losar Festival.

Japan: January

The crowds that flock to Japan during the sakura and koyo seasons have subsided, snow monkey are soaking in the hot spring of Jigokudani and you may even see iconic site dusted with snow.

Indonesia: April

While April is usually considered low season across the isles of Indonesia, the weather is wonderful with an occasional quick rain shower. The islands tend to be quieter too, with fewer people visiting. It’s one of our favourite months to go.

Cambodia: July & August

While our summer months typically mean it’s raining season in Cambodia, this is the quietest time to visit with the crowds at bay. When it rains it doesn’t last for long and iconic site such as Angkor Wat are much more tranquil with less visitors.

Vietnam: September - October

Despite still being rainy, the cooler months from September to October bring gloriously lush landscapes, especially to the north in Sapa. Here, the terraced fields are ripe turning them a stunning bright yellow. This time of year also means the domestic summer tourists have subsided, opening up a window of opportunity before the rush of the peak international tourist season.

Uzbekistan: November - February

As Uzbekistan increases in popularity availability is becoming tighter during the peak summer travel months. Beat the heat, and instead look at travelling during the winter months. No only will it be a much milder temperature, you'll beat the crowds and have a better pick of our preferred hotels.

Indian Subcontinent

Bhutan: January & February

There’s nothing like the crisp air that fills the beautiful valleys of Bhutan. Winter may be cold here, but on a clear wintery day you’ll be treated to unobstructed mountain scenery or when snow is falling this enchanting country can be even more breath-taking.

Sri Lanka: March - October

Whilst it is usually slightly warmer this time of year, as the water tables are getting low this is when you’ll find the animals come out to exposed lakes to drink. We’d recommend heading to Yala and Wilpattu National Parks for the best wildlife viewing.

India: April - June

Again, warmer than usual but if you aren’t averse to the heat visit between April and June. It’s the best month for tiger viewings as they too gather around the water hole in search of a drink. Not to add that it’s also a great time to visit if you’re looking for slightly cheaper hotel rates.

Maldives: May - November

While traditionally tourists flock to Maldives during the dry season (December to April), for serious divers, the rainy months (May-November) bring the best visibility & water clarity. If you’re already planning to get wet underwater what’s a bit of rain.

Nepal: November - March

Most people shiver at the ideas of visiting the roof of the world during the harsh winter months. This couldn't be further from truth! With friendly daytime temperature and clear blue skies, this is a great time to immerse in the spectacular natural beauty of Himalaya’s dramatic snow-capped peaks.


Russia: January & February

They may be the coldest months to travel to Moscow and St Petersburg, but the snow scenery is spectacular in winter with snow covering the cities and the frozen waterways. We recommend travelling after Russian Christmas in early January.

Slovenia: April & May

The landscapes of Slovenia certainly pack a punch during the spring months, making it the perfect time to explore the wonderful alpine scenery. The capital, Liubljana, also has a great food scene and is one of our favourite cities for 2019.

Tuscany: October & November

The rolling hills of Tuscany are beautiful during the summer months, but we love the crisp mornings and autumnal hues in October and November. It’s also a perfect time of year to visit often crowded Florence for a dose of art, food and culture.

Nordics: June - August

Most people have heard of the Northern Lights, but have you heard of the Midnight Sun? This never setting sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs north of the Arctic Circle around June to August. The long summer days present wonderful opportunities to enjoy crisp Norwegian air amongst the fjords. Indulge in luxury cruises on the Arctic Ocean or explore dramatic Icelandic landscapes.


Zambia: February & March

The South Luangwa National Park is the perfect spot for Emerald season, when the animals give birth to their young. The mornings are warmer, the sunsets are dramatic and in the north the Victoria Falls are at their most majestic.

Tanzania: March & June

The green season sees the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater awash with green hues and this is when flamingos flock to Lake Magadi, Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek. The mornings are warmer too and the safaris will be much quieter with the crowds at bay.

South Africa: October - March

Look to the Garden Route and Cape Town during this secret season. Bask in the warm and sunny weather and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities which are in full swing. From October to December combine with the Victoria Falls which is when you'll find the exposed Devils's Pool, for the only opportunity to swim right up to the edge of this world-famous waterfall.


New Zealand: April & May

In the autumn the landscape is awash with rich colours, the air is fresh making it the perfect climate for hiking and the star gazing is spectacular. If you’re lucky you could even catch a glimpse of the Aurora Australis.

The Americas

Patagonia: April

April sees the season draw to a close in Patagonia however the parks are still open for most of the month, with fewer visitors. The landscape is also at its most colourful with the orange autumn hues, making it a truly beautiful time to visit.

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