Yusopov Palace

St Petersburg, Russia

Visit the lavish Yusopov Palace, once home to one of Russia’s wealthiest families and site of Grigory Rasputin’s murder. The palace’s interior is a collection of sumptuously-decorated halls and you can hear the story of Rasputin’s assassination attempt.

The Yusopov Palace was the home of Prince Felix Yusopov, one of the richest men in Russia during the 19th century. It is also famous as the place where Grigory Rasputin was murdered.  Its history dates back to the 1770s, when the palace was built by French architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, but the interiors you see today are from the time of the ultra-wealthy Yusopov family.  The decoration in the grand halls and rooms is opulent and lavish, testimony to the prince’s tastes. Some of the most fascinating rooms are the Moorish drawing room, wood-panelled library, ornate private theatre and gold décor of the ballroom.  There is an exhibition about Rasputin’s murder, which charts how Prince Yusopov tried to poison and shoot the monk but failed; he eventually drowned in the river. You can also see the room where the murder attempt began.
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