WW2 Bunker Tour

Moscow, Russia

Head underground and discover the history of SCP Taganskiy’s covert military operations during the Cold War. Tour the tunnels and halls where thousands of staff worked around the clock to brief the country’s leaders on the threat of nuclear attack.

Explore the secret tunnels and halls of Moscow’s underground SCP (Secured Command Post) Taganskiy.  The labyrinth bunker was used post World War Two during the Cold War years as protection against nuclear threat.  Built in 1951, it is 65 metres underground and was the headquarters for communications between military leaders. Thousands of workers used radio and telegraph equipment to provide 24/7 information.  It later became a fully-stocked hideaway with drinking water, food supplies and fuel, which would sustain up to 5,000 people if the nuclear threat was realised.

You will get to listen to the history of Taganskiy and watch a film about its place in the Cold War during your tour of the subterranean lair.

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