Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow, Russia

Head into space at the Museum of Cosmonautics and journey through Soviet and Russian space travel. Located in the striking monument to the Conquerors of Space, its rooms hold all sorts of space paraphernalia, including the Soviet moon rover, Lunokhod.

Visit Moscow’s Museum of Cosmonautics, dedicated to charting Russia’s history of space exploration.

Opened in 1981, on the 20th anniversary of the first manned space flight, the museum is located in the base of the gigantic monument dedicated to the Conquerors of Space.

It has rooms showing satellites, space suits and equipment, and exhibitions dedicated to Russian space culture. Some of the most famous items include the Soviet moon rover, Lunokhod, a space capsule used by Yuri Gagarin and an interesting collection of Soviet space posters. It also showcases modern space technology.

The museum has informative displays about the Soviet Space Programme, which existed from the 1930s to the 1990s, and themes dedicated to Sputnik and Sergei Korolev, who was head rocket engineer during the Soviet and American space race.

It also has international exhibits, the sculpture-lined Cosmonauts Alley and various interactive presentations.

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