Moscow to Suzdal via Vladimir


Explore the Golden Ring cities of Vladimir and Suzdal, home to a fine collection of historic architecture including the Cathedral of Saint Demetrius in Vladimir and the kremlin in Suzdal. Step back in time in Suzdal and enjoy quaint, picturesque Russia.

Drive to Vladimir, one of the Golden Ring cities. The Golden Ring cities are a collection of ancient places that preserve Russian history through their monuments and buildings. Vladimir was one of the medieval capitals of Russia and nowadays has three UNESCO listed sites. The Golden Gate, originally a tower over the city's main gate, was built between 1158 and 1164 and has a small museum inside. The Assumption Cathedral is set dramatically on a high bluff above the Oka River, and is a fine piece of pre-Mongol architecture. The Cathedral of Saint Demetrius is famous for its white stone carvings, and its walls are decorated with around 600 reliefs depicting saints, and mythical and real animals. You will enjoy lunch at one of the riverside cafés, a local meal of pancakes with caviar and vodka.

After your tour of Vladimir, drive to another of the Golden Ring cities, Suzdal. Arriving in Suzdal is like stepping back in time; cute wooden cottages mingle with golden cupolas, the river meanders sleepily through the historic centre and flower-filled meadows surround the town. The churches of the kremlin are worth exploring, especially the striking blue domes of the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral.

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