Cold War Bunker

Moscow, Russia

The Cold War Museum is based in the former top-secret Soviet command post, N42, known more simply as GO-42. Thanks to "Perestroika", you now have the opportunity to visit one of the Soviet Union’s "underground command posts".

The role of this bunker included acting as the federal telephone/ telegraph communication centre, the HQ for the Soviet leadership and the Ministry of Communications, as well as the Moscow area anti-aircraft defence communications centre. In a global nuclear war, this communication centre would have been one of the main command posts of the Soviet Government. . The tour itself travels 60m below ground and you will visit all the halls and the Duty officer rooms. Museum exhibits include the military communication devices of the soviet era and you will watch a 15 minute film about the ‘Cold War’ between NATO and USSR and explore the 7,000 sq m of this unique underground complex.

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