Bordering Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia, Croatia is a beautiful country with long stretches of coast, and over 1000 islands. History, culture and stunning landscapes collide, with clear waters and rocky coves. Croatia is also great for hiking through forests, mountains and waterfalls. The historic towns of Dubrovnik and Zagreb offer great architecture and art galleries.

Made up of 1,778km of coastline and 1,000 islands, Croatia is a beautiful and diverse country rich in history, culture and stunning landscapes. The historic towns, including Dubrovnik and Zagreb, are lined with ancient buildings with beautiful architecture and there are some fantastic museums and art galleries. Elsewhere, sparkling blue waters lap against rocky coves, picturesque ports bustle with fisherman, and exquisite seafood is served in the local restaurants. Inland the scenery is equally enchanting, made up of forests, mountains and waterfalls. A great place for hiking, or simply relaxing and soaking up the natural surroundings.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia


With some of the best sailing waters in the world, Croatia’s coastline and islands have something for everyone. From quaint fishing ports to bustling island towns, the stunning archipelago is best explored in the comfort of a luxury private yacht charter.

Best for: Beach, Sailing & surfing, Seriously Special, Couples

Private Gulet Croatia - 30m, 5 cabins

Split, Croatia

Take to the water and explore the islands of Croatia on board your own private luxury gulet. Relax and enjoy the scenery as your skipper takes you through the crystal clear waters to hidden coves, picturesque ports and the most scenic Dalmatian islands.

Best for: Sailing & surfing, Adventure, Family

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Sun Gardens, Croatia

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