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How do you measure the difference between a holiday and the trip of a lifetime? Is it in the grandeur of your surroundings, the majesty of the landscapes? Is it in the number of moments that root you to the spot and leave you wide-eyed with wonder? Maybe it’s the warmth of the hospitality; the unexpected gestures that make you feel touched and treasured?

At Scott Dunn, we believe it’s all of the above. The thoughtful details, curated encounters and beautiful destinations come together to take your breath away. That’s why we’ve handpicked a selection of exclusive experiences guaranteed to be the highlight of an unforgettable holiday that you’ll cherish forever.

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Let us blow your mind with just a few of our favourite experiences guaranteed to make you laugh, bring out your adventurous side, or change the way you see the world forever.

Meet the tribes

From the Sami people in Lapland to the Samburu, Kikuyu and Boran tribes in Kenya, the sarong-clad Sumba in Indonesia to little known tribes in the Amazon, this is your chance to meet people for whom life is largely untouched by Western influences. In authentic, personal encounters far away from the tourist trail, you and your family will learn about their culture and traditions, hear their stories of survival in hostile environments, sample the food, watch them weave beautiful textiles, and take part in ceremonies and festivals.

Sail to Komodo dragon island

Drift away on a traditional two-mast Phinsi sailing ship through the remote archipelagos of Indonesia. Explore the Nusa Tenggara islands and Komodo National Park where you'll likely find footprints of its most famous residents, the Komodo dragons, embedded on the delightful pink sand beaches. The world's largest land-dwelling reptile, an encounter with one of these heavyweights in the company of a park ranger will stay with you for a lifetime. The waters off of the islands are alive with thousands of species of fish and an array of corals so if you love to dive, this trip was designed with you in mind.

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