Think Finland and think endless landscapes, countless lakes and islands. To the north, the wild terrain of Finland is an ideal destination to witness the Northern Lights, delve into a myriad of winter activities and meet Lapland's most famous resident, Father Christmas himself. Finland is a fantastic destination for families, couples or groups and is perfect for those who like the great outdoors.

With 187,988 lakes, 179,584 islands and 35 national parks, Finland offers plenty to explore and a great option for active travellers. In the winter, Finnish Lapland and is a winter playground and one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights. From husky dogs, to snowshoeing, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and of course, Santa's Grotto, Lapland is an adventurous winter wonderland providing fun for visitors of all ages. In the south uncover the Gothic delights of Helsinki and possibly tie in a visit to its famous Christmas Market.

In the summer, the Finns all travel to the lakes where many own a log-cabin where you can whittle away the days exploring and relaxing. Lapland also offers tremendous opportunities to explore in the summer - with super long days you can canoe down its many rivers, or trek through its breathtaking scenery.

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A week in Finland

Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Levi

Finland is a small country with a varied landscape, a modern design capital and stunning scenery. North of the Arctic Circle you’ll find Finnish Lapland, an area known in many children’s books as a winter wonderland featuring fluffy snow, prancing reindeer and frozen lakes. During a week-long visit you will learn how to drive a husky sled, discover...

Finnish Lapland for Families

Inari and Ivalo, Finnish Lapland

This fun-filled adventure can be enjoyed anytime from November to April and takes you to the far north of Finnish Lapland. Spend three nights in a cosy log cabin next a frozen lake, visiting reindeer and dashing through the wilderness on a husky sled before spending a final night sleeping under the stars in a glass-roofed Aurora cabin. If you're...

Finnish and Swedish Lapland for Families

Helsinki, Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland, Stockholm

This itinerary offers the perfect combination of Sweden and Finland, where you’ll visit both of the country’s charming capital cities along with heading off the beaten track into the wilderness of Lapland. Away from artificial lights, in remote locations you’ll experience the serenity of this winter wonderland, offering plenty of space to try out...

Best for: Family, Off the beaten track

Finland and Norway for Families

Helsinki, Ivalo, Kirkenes

The far northern tips of Finland and Norway offer a remote, icy wilderness with snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. Combining these two Scandinavian countries head off the beaten track to vast open spaces, to try adventurous activities such as ice-fishing, snowmobiling and husky sledding. This itinerary offers great fun for all the family along...

Best for: Adventure, Family

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