Portofino & Cinque Terre

From the piazzas of Portofino to the harbors of Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera is steeped in history, natural beauty and Italian sophistication. Exquisite culinary fare, boutique shopping and world-class accommodation make the Italian Riviera a jewel in the Mediterranean crown.

Follow in the footsteps of poets, politicians and romantics as you meander through the pastel-colored streets of Portofino. This charming harbor town, set on one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines is home to a selection of sought after hotels, located only a short drive from Genoa. Nestled between vineyards and picturesque fishing villages, it is a paradise for walkers to explore the rugged coastline enjoying uninterrupted views of the Med whilst passing the centuries-old buildings which hug the dramatic coastline.

Just a little further up the Ligurian coast lies the iconic Cinque Terre, a series of five villages, connected by a network of hiking trails. The route is bursting with color, thanks to its famed rainbow colored houses, lush green vineyards and laden citrus fruit trees lining the pathways. Sampling the local cuisine is guaranteed to be a highlight for a taste of la dolce vita, and with gourmet tours encompassing both the geography of the region and the cuisine, there is perhaps no better way to soak up the essence of the region.

From boutique retreats, to glamourous fin-de-siècle hotels, the Italian Riviera has it all for the ultimate European escape in the sunshine.

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