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Once the chosen retreat of Roman emperors, the tiny island of Capri, located off Italy's south coast, still retains the grandeur of its regal heyday. There, ancient ruins and ornate piazzas fall away to glittering coves and yacht speckled bays whilst the streets of Capri Town are lined with fabulous seafood restaurants, boutique shops and laced with the vibrant pinks of bougainvillea. The island's fabled beauty has long captivated the minds and captured the hearts of visitors, and everyone from day-trippers to Hollywood stars are drawn to its shores by the siren song of its idyllic setting and rich history.

To really make the most of the island, a private boat tour is the best way to escape the crowds and discover the hidden coves and crannies of the coast. Skirting Capri’s dramatic shoreline by sea is not complete without a visit to the famed Blue Grotto however. Bathed in other-worldly, iridescent blues, this vast, vault-like sea cave was once the preferred swimming spot for Emperor Tiberius and has firmly found its place in local legend. Visit during the late afternoon once most other tourist boats have disappeared to see the cave in all its ethereal splendour.

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Our guide to Italy

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