Resort restaurants in Courchevel

Looking for somewhere on the chefs night off? Well, look no further than one of these amazing resort restaurants.

There are a large number of restaurants in Courchevel of varying price and quality. They tend to change chefs each season so those that were popular last year may not necessarily be as good this year. Speak to your chalet/hotel manager about making reservations as they can get very busy.

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Café de la Poste

Lovely atmosphere, great service and good value for money. Pizzas cooked on a wood fire and Savoyarde specialities. Caters well for children. Sun terrace open at lunch time.

Telephone: +33 479 00 42 75


Located in the centre of the resort with a great atmosphere and live music. Serves an eclectic menu with good Tartiflette and Omelette Savoyard.

Telephone: +33 479 08 35 21

La Cendrée

‘The’ Italian restaurant in Courchevel. High standard of Italian gourmet cuisine with an extensive wine list.

Telephone: +33 479 08 29 38

La Fromagerie

Family friendly restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. The children will love getting involved with the cooking! Offers great Savoyarde food including Fondue, Raclette and Pierre Chaud. They only offer two sittings at 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

Telephone: +33 479 08 27 47

La Mangeoire

Lively piano bar with great atmosphere but can get quite rowdy as the night goes on. Wide ranging menu with something for everyone however quality of dishes can vary.

Telephone: +33 479 08 02 09

La Saulire

Better known as “Chez Jacques” after Le Patron, it specialises in gourmet French cuisine. Enjoy lunch on the terrace or dinner in the warm chalet setting. This restaurant also has one of the best wine cellars in Courchevel and is popular with the chic French crowd and celebrities.

Telephone: +33 479 08 07 52

Le Chabichou

Chef Michel Rochedy has two Michelin stars and within the fully modernised interior he offers inventive cooking with both international and national styles. This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the Savoie region. The restaurant also offers reasonably priced lunches on the terrace on the piste.

Telephone: +33 479 01 46 65

Le Tremplin

Brasserie style restaurant offering a menu that should cater for all. Skillfully produced dishes include oysters, shell-fish, lobsters and crayfish from the tank.

Telephone: +33 479 08 06 19

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