Bosnia and Herzegovina Holidays 2020 & 2021

Perched on the Balkan Peninsula on the shores of the Adriatic, Bosnia and Herzegovina has emerged from its turbulent, conflict-ridden past as a chic and scenic destination offering a multitude of cultural experiences and sensational outdoor adventures. Discover the heritage-listed architecture of Sarajevo and Mostar and explore the wild landscapes of the mountainous interior as you uncover the sec

The rugged mountain landscapes of the Bosnia and Herzegovina conceal ancient medieval towns, tumbling waterfalls, pristine ski fields and a rich cultural heritage that more than eclipse the memories of the brutal civil war that took place here in the 1990s. The capital city of Sarajevo has enjoyed a renaissance since its dark days at the heart of the conflict. The rich blend Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian heritage manifests in a fascinating architectural heritage, with Mosques and minarets rubbing shoulders with Orthodox churches and traditional Bosnian homes. The cobbled streets, lively markets and a thriving café culture of the city centre a vibrant place to visit, whilst the cable car to the top of Mount Trebevic will reward you with a spectacular cityscape spreading out across the valley below. Medieval Mostar is the cultural capital of Herzegovina, brimming with ancient Mosques that date back as far as the 16th century, beautifully preserved Ottoman-style homes and majestic Orthodox churches. Spanning the River Neretva that runs through the heart of the city is the Stari Most bridge, that stood at the heart of Mostar for over 400 years, before being destroyed during the conflict. Faithfully rebuilt in 2004, this now UNESCO-listed became the symbol of the Bosnian War. Amongst the spectacular mountain scenery of the Dinaric Alps, you’ll discover cascading waterfalls hidden deep in the forest, a wealth of trekking routes that crisscross through the alpine terrain and for the adventure-seeker, some of the best white-water rafting to be found anywhere in the world. Couple this with traditional mountain villages and spectacular ski-fields that spring to life during the cold winter months, and you have a true outdoor playground at the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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