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Dress modestly and appropriately when visiting local dwellings and religious sites. Always ask permission first before taking photographs, especially in minority areas. Try not to show the soles of your feet as this is considered disrespectful, and if someone bows to you then always return the gesture, with both hands pressed together, unless the person is younger than you.


Widely practiced, please note service is often included at high-end restaurants. Private guides - we recommend $10 a day.


This is always the case when shopping from markets and street stalls.

Visa requirements

British passport holders can obtain a visa on entry into Thailand.


There is a small malarial risk in some northern parts of Thailand, so if you’re heading into the jungle then take a portable mosquito net and pack plenty of mosquito repellent. See your doctor before you leave about anti-malarial medication.




GMT +7

Flight time from UK

12 hrs


Thai Baht


European and US Systems


We strongly advise you consult your doctor for the most up to date advice on the best health precautions at least one month prior to travel. is also a helpful resource for obtaining up to date health information on your chosen destination.


120V European style plug


For some activities such as diving, specialist insurance is advised. Check our travel insurance section for more information on finding the right policy for you.

Please get in touch with our contact our Thailand specialists to discuss your tailor-made holiday to Thailand.

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