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Festivals in China in 2017

China’s festivals are vibrant, varied and full of color. From local ethnic festivals found only in Yunnan, to Chinese New Year that’s celebrated nationwide, here’s our guide to when they are happening. It is important to note that some festivals result in attractions, shops and restaurants shutting down for a few days, whereas others add massively to a trip. Please talk to one our specialists about which ones might suit you.

10th January- 10th March

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
28th January

Chinese New Year

Throughout China
27th February

Tibetan New Year

22nd February

Lantern Festival

Throughout China
4th March

Monlam Prayer Festival

12th March

Butter Lamp/ Choe-Nga Choepa

5th April

Qingming Festival

Throughout China
11th-17th April

Water Splashing Festival

Yunnan Province
21st-27th April

March Fair

Yunnan Province
27th April- 3rd May

Buddha's Birthday

Hong Kong
30th April- 4th May

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Hong Kong
1st May

Labour Day

Throughout China
30th May

Dragon Boat Festival

Throughout China
17th July

Torch Festival

Yunnan Province
20th July

Gyantse Horse Race

1st August

Nagchu Horse Race

1st Ocober

National Day

Throughout China
4th October

Mid- Fall Day

Throughout China
28th October

Double Ninth Festival/ Chung Yeung Festival

Throughout China
10th November

Lhabab Duechen


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