Introducing North America

Can you see yourself driving down Highway One with the roof down and the warm Pacific wind in your hair? Or maybe flying to a remote wilderness camp on the edge of the ice in Canada’s High Arctic where you can spot polar bears. Perhaps you’d like to stop for a lobster lunch in a quintessential Maine fishing village or even saddle up and bring in the cattle with real cowboys?

We are incredibly excited to bring you North America, the Scott Dunn way. We are all about going beyond the obvious, getting off the beaten track and discovering firsthand what you may only have seen on the big screen. Although we love luxury, it is the experience that counts with us, and there is so much to discover across the pond.

We have put together a collection of experiences to whet your appetite and help you get started. But they are just ideas; we always start with a blank piece of paper and tailor each itinerary to what you want. Close your eyes and imagine your Scott Dunn adventure to the USA or Canada...

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Oh Canada

Think Canada and think epic landscapes, with views that go on forever. Get outdoors and breathe in the fresh air, for this is what this stunning country is all about: great lakes, glaciers and some of the best adventures on the planet.

Road trip

There is nothing like that feeling of freedom as you leave the city limits and hit the open road, with a setting sun ahead, the wind in your hair and the stereo turned right up. America is a land made for road trips, limited only by your imagination.


When the thermometer climbs, Americans love to hit the beach, and with over 5,000 miles of mainland coastline to choose from, you will never be short of options. Whether you want a fun family escape or a romantic beach retreat, it’s easy to add beach time at the beginning or end of your holiday, and we are here to help you choose the best stretch of coast for you.

Big skies

America offers endless opportunities to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Its canyons, mountains, national parks, forests, lakes and sweeping seashores display a tapestry of spellbinding natural beauty, and a firsthand encounter with the land and its people is one of the most life-affirming experiences you can have.

City lights

The great melting pots of the United States are its cities. Fast-paced, diverse, sometimes gritty but never less than thrilling, the cities are where you come to live it up. We believe that having fun in the city is about more than just ticking off the sights. While we’ll happily organise a carriage ride in Central Park or a boat trip out to Alcatraz, we believe it’s the small pleasures that often count most.

Into the wild

Canada’s vast empty spaces contain an astonishing wealth of wildlife. Whether you want to catch sight of a grizzly fishing for salmon, snorkel with grinning beluga whales or fly up to the High Arctic in search of polar bears, we can tailor a wildlife experience that is adventurous as you want.

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