Canadian Wilderness

Venture out on foot on Vancouver Island and get up close but hopefully not too personal with a grizzly or black bear! If you are lucky, catch a glimpse of a rare spirit bear in September before heading out to sea to kayak with orcas. Hear wolves howl to each other in Ontario or spot moose from a canoe in Quebec.

We love the idea of getting off the beaten track in style and the High Arctic is one of the best adventures going. Fly up by private Twin Otter to Baffin Island before travelling by snowmobile or Inuit sledge to the edge of the ice floe and snuggle up in a safari-inspired luxury tented camp beneath spectacular sheer cliffs. We’ll ensure you are well looked after, providing a chef who will cook up venison and homemade cakes. The wildlife is simply mind-blowing, and your guides will take you out to the best places for viewing narwhal, bowhead whales, polar bears, Arctic foxes, and herds of caribou and prehistoric-looking musk oxen. No two days are the same, as the ice edge transforms before you. You’ll visit icebergs and view dramatic and silent panoramas, perhaps even being lucky enough to see a polar bear hunting, or gasping as a bowhead whale exhales.

If you experience this in early spring or autumn you’re almost certain to see the Aurora Borealis dance across the night skies. As this magnificent natural phenomenon is said to be at its best over the next two years, there’s no better time to go. Wrap up warm, lie outside with the tundra at your back and stare up in wonder at the colourful display.

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