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At a glance

  • Perfectly placed for exploring the wild Andringitra National Park

  • Tented rooms situated around a comfortable main area with lovely views

  • Hearty, local meals full of fresh ingredients served every day

  • Walks from the camp are a speciality - plenty of areas to explore

  • Views towards the Andringitra Massif at sunset are breathtaking


The Tsara Camp lies in the Tsaranoro Valley with the Tsaranoro Mountain (800m) on one side and the giant mountain chains of Andringitra National Park on the other side. The camp offers perfect comfort in completely secluded settings.

Andringitra National Park is located in south-central Madagascar and has been managed by WWF since 1993. It was declared a national park in 1999. Over an area of 31160 hectares, it is characterized by mountains, including Pic Boby, which at 2658m is Madagascar’s highest accessible peak, considered by rock climbers to be one of the most challenging in the world.

The park is subdivided into three ecosystems: low altitude rainforest, montane forest and high altitude vegetation. Andringitra National Park is an important central link in the longest unbroken chain of rainforest remaining in Madagascar. It stretches 180km from Ranomafana National Park in the north connecting to Peak Ivohibe in the south.

Tsara Camp’s tented rooms are set on concrete foundations around the central area and each has an en-suite, open-air bucket shower and basin. They are simply but charmingly decorated with local handicrafts and have either twin or double beds. The four loos are shared by the whole camp.

Meals are taken in the covered central area, which also has a bar stocking an impressive array of ’rhums arrangés’, flavored rum, a Madagascan specialty.


Accommodation is provided in 15 tents, each tent has two simple beds or a double one, bedside-table and possibility to hang up clothes. Hot water is provided every morning in a wash-basin next to your tent. Behind each tent is a small private bathroom with an outside shower and chemical toilet. Lighting is provided by storm lanterns and candles.


There are no specific child care facilities and the camp and activities on offer are not suited to very young children. However, older children are welcome and extra beds can be arranged.


At the centre of the camp there is a restaurant with a relaxing and sitting area, which offers unlimited filtered water, tea, coffee and an always filled fruit basket. The cooking is simple but rich in taste and offers the chance to experience the Malagasy food culture.


Excursions of varying difficulty and duration are offered and are accompanied by guides who are familiar with the area. Most hikes are easy and on even grounds and paths through villages and the sacred forest, where lemurs can be found. For the more adventurous, treks to the highlands of Tsaranoro and to the Andringitra Mountains are available. These hikes which follow a narrow canyon with lush vegetation require good quality trekking boots.

When to travel

Any time of year is fine for a visit except from January to March, when heavy rainfall in many areas can make some roads all but impassable, and when there’s a high risk of cyclones in the east and northeast. In general, the best time to travel in most areas is April and October/November. The coolest time to travel anywhere is during the dry season (May to October).

Average maximum temperatures vary from about 30°C in coastal areas (higher in summer) to around 25°C on the hauts plateaux. In Antananarivo and other highland areas, temperatures during winter can drop to 10°C and even lower during the night.

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Location and directions

Tsaranoro Massif, Southern Madagascar

Tsaranoro Massif, Southern Madagascar - The Tsara Camp lies in the Tsaranoro Valley with the Tsaranoro Mountain (800m) on one side and the giant mountain chains of Andringitra National Park on the other side.

How to get there

13 hour international flight (one stop) to Antananarivo Airport.

The nearest landing airstrip to Tsara Camp is Ambalavao (1 hour flight). Tsara Camp would pick you up there and make the transfer.

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