Philanthropic travel

Whether you're tracking wild mountain gorillas with the Gorilla Doctors in Uganda, exploring pristine rainforest with researchers, or visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi to meet orphaned ellies, philanthropic travel brings you closer to the issues and causes you care about. These are very personal, rewarding journeys that get you face to face with people and wildlife to help you better understand the challenges they face. They're a great way to pass on values to your children and grandchildren, so they can become agents for positive change. It's travel that gives back.

Inspire, nurture and protect

Many communities around the world rely on tourism to survive so when you travel with an ethically responsible tour operator like Scott Dunn you're already helping to sustain and create jobs and protect wildlife. Philanthropic travel goes one step further to educate and engage at a grass roots level, whether you're simply packing vital school supplies in your luggage, supporting a guide school or efforts to provide clean drinking water to villages. Whatever your cause, we'll create a unique trip for you and your group; one guaranteed to open hearts, challenge misconceptions and leave a lasting legacy.

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