Luxury babymoons

A babymoon, sometimes known by the rather unimaginative name of “pregnancy holiday”, is the last holiday taken by expectant couples before the birth of their first child. They offer parents-to-be the final opportunity for a relaxing escape before the sleepless nights and nappy changes accompanying the arrival of their new little darling.

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and a luxury babymoon is a wonderful way to enjoy some well-earned pampering. Scott Dunn’s handpicked babymoon hotels offer a wide of choice luxurious extras to make your holiday really special. There are pre-natal spa treatments, ache-relieving massages and relaxation rooms, as well as plenty for the father-to-be too.

With a highly-personalised service, we’ll have you staying in small, intimate boutique or on a quiet tropical beach. Although if you’ve had enough relaxation we can always arrange a little adventure! Plus, if you have an insatiable craving for something, you can just call room service.

When to go?

The second trimester is the safest time to travel for pregnant women. After all, you don’t want be caught in another time zone when the little one decides to come. Although being born on a beach may be good story to tell a few years down the line. So 18 to 24 weeks it is: a period fast becoming known as the “last hurrah trimester!”

Where to go?

Our travel specialists have handpicked the best luxury babymoon hotels and itineraries to treat you and your loved one to before the baby arrives. Suitable for those looking for a big adventure before they start a family or a just relaxing luxury holiday to get some rest before the new arrival!

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