Remember when ‘family vacation’ meant the annual road trip? The station wagon loaded to bursting point, kids and granny in the middle seat, the dog and cooler in the back? No iPhones, no TVs—just plenty of fresh air, mischief and a trunk-full of memories. Now, with families scattered countrywide, vacation time is more precious than ever.

The Great American Road Trip is still going strong but your options for adventure are wide open. Whether you pass on your passion for wildlife on a family safari in Zambia, retrace your family history or celebrate a graduation on a one-on-one trip to Europe, travel opens youngster’s eyes, hearts and minds to the world. Best of all, it’s your chance to gather the clan, do away with devices and cherish valuable time together.

Time flies

You’re young at heart and (finally) have time on your hands. You want to explore the world, embrace new experiences and spend quality time with your grandchildren. You know better than most that they’ll grow up and fly the nest in the blink of an eye. You also know that vacations provide a rare opportunity for kids (and parents) to prioritize human connections over cell phones, to laugh around a campfire and savour the simple things. It’s true, life is better together.

Itineraries to delight all ages

A dream multi-gen vacation is the result of great planning and attention to balance and pace. Fortunately, our family travel experts have perfected the art of ensuring that everyone has something built in just for them, with plenty of fun but also time to relax.

Special accommodation

Maybe you all want to stay under the same roof? Or would you prefer to rent separate villas? Either way, big parties of children, grandchildren, siblings and friends travelling together is very common these days, which is why we handpick properties that are brimming with wow factor but also have the best, most flexible room configurations.

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