The Life of the Samburu Tribe in Kenya

Laikipia and Northern Kenya, Kenya

Learn about the life of Kenya's beautiful Samburu people from their most sacred mountain to the daily activities of their village on this private guided journey.

The word Samburu means "butterfly" in the Maa language and even a short encounter with these semi-nomadic cousins to the Maasai tribe makes it clear why: adorned with beads and head dresses, they are surely one of Africa's most recognizable and beautiful people.

You will be collected from your lodge by helicopter and flown north to Ol Lolokwe, a flat top mountain sacred to the Samburu. Here, at your private site, you will learn about the history of the tribe and their rituals as you explore on foot with your guide. Journey further north flying above dramatic scenery in this little visited corner of Kenya to a a "lugga" or dry river bed to experience a "singing well". Here, the Samburu come to dig wells where they water their cows, goats and camels, singing to them to encourage them to drink. Each Herder has a different song, passed down through generations, to call their animals to water.

Take flight again to the Ndoto Hills for a picnic lunch, then on to the Kipsing lugga to meet a Samburu community in a traditional "manyatta". The Samburu live in groups of around ten families in huts built from mud, hide and grass. Surrounding the huts is an enclosure made from thorns designed to keep their livestock in and wild animals out. Every five to six weeks, they move to new grazing grounds. At the manyatta, see their homes, meet local people, learn about their way of life and witness the songs and dances that mark every important occasion in village life.

In the afternoon, you will fly back to your lodge, returning in time for your evening game viewing.

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