Wildlife of the Korgalzhyn Steppe

Astana, Kazakhstan

Join an ornithologist and explore Korgalzhyn’s lakes for up-close encounters with some of the 300 bird species that have been spotted in the steppe, including thousands of pink flamingos.

Part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Korgalzhyn is known for its iconic representation of Kazakh’s steppe environment with 10 chains of lakes and more than 300 species of birds known to have been spotted in this area.
Visit the Korgalzhyn Museum and interact with the show installations to better understand the importance of Korgalzhyn for the nature reserve’s wildlife, before also exploring Korgalzhyn’s restricted zone and one of its largest lakes. You may also have the opportunity to see variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, including thousands of pink flamingos who migrated from Africa to Korgalzhyn during the May-August season.
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