Sofievka Ethno Village

Astana, Kazakhstan

Get a glimpse into the nomadic life of traditional Kazakhs. Visit a yurt to sample local delicacies alongside Kazakh music, witness an eagle hunting demonstrations, learn how to make Kazakh cheese and gain an insight into a variety of Kazakh traditions.

Today, you will visit the Kazakh ethno-village Sofievka (35km), where you will be welcomed with shashu, music and speech from the aul aksakal (eldest of the village). After that, you will be invited to a traditional Kazakh yurt for tasting of Kazakh bread Baursak and traditional fermented milk Kumis. You will also learn how to make Kazakh cheese Irimshik from a local apashka.

Enjoy a demonstration of traditional hunting with berkut (eagles). A berkutshi (eagle keeper) whose ancestors were hunters as well, will tell you about birdkeeping and about different hunting traditions. Afterwards, learn various Kazakh traditions such as Betashar (part of wedding ceremony), Tusau kesu (ritual of first steps of kids), Kazakh archery, and horse-riding.

Finish the excursions enjoying a traditional Kazakh lunch at a local family yurt on a dastarkhan while listening to Kazakh national songs and musical instrument Dombura.

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