Noah's Ark Day Trip

Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Believed to be the final landing site of Noah’s Ark during the Great Flood, you will visit Kazygurt mountain where the sacred stones of “Adam & Eve”, “Noah’s Breakfast Ark”, “Dastarkan” and animal stones can be found.

Head to the foot of Kazygurt mountains to Kamekalgan natural sacred stones. Admire the sanctifying rocks "Adam and Eve", stone statues of animals, "Noah's Breakfast Ark", the magic stone "Dastarkhan". Kazygurt is mountain massif having altitude of 1776 meters above sea level, located in the northern spurs of Talas Alatau. Legend has it that Kazygurt was once the highest mountain in the universe and when the world had disappeared under the water, the top of Kazygurt was left undrowned. And it was the place where the Noah's Ark landed. Today the symbolic Noah's Ark, created by contemporary artists in wood and metal, is constructed at the top of the mountain.
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