Private Tour of Western Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Spend the day exploring the huge variation of districts in Tokyo, from historical monuments like the Meiji Shrine and calm gardens of the Imperial Palace to the vibrant district of Harajuku and world famous Shibuya Crossing.

Start your morning with a walk through the peaceful surrounds of Meiji Shrine, in the heart of bustling Tokyo. Built to honour the Emporer of modern Japan, Emporer Meiji, the grounds are meticulously maintained and cared for and is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can enjoy lush greenery and a feeling of open space.

Next is a change of pace with a stop in nearby Harajuku. Recognised internationally for it's fashion and youth culture, Harajuku is a vibrant area full of fashion stores, crepe stalls and interesting characters. Exploring this neighbourhood rewards you will an opportunity to either buy some of the latest trends or observe the unique culture of this part of Tokyo.

Going up another gear, the next stop is the mad scramble at Shibuya Crossing. Located in front of Shibuya station and in an area full of shops, restaurants and bars, Shibuya Crossing allows thousands of pedestrians to cross in all directions at once when the lights turn green. The area is lined with buildings plastered with neon lights and advertising and truly is one of the most iconic spots in all of Tokyo.

After that excitement, it is time to take a breather with a visit to the Imperial Palace East Garden. Here you have the chance to see some of ancient Japan with the remains of the castle that stood on this site in the 1600's. The moats and foundations of the castle remain and provide focal points amongst the Japanese style gardens and wide lawns. This is the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of Japanese garden design and the history of the area.

Tokyo continues to come alive as the sun goes down and people finish work, so the next stop is the high-end shopping and entertainment district of Ginza. Here, just about every leading fashion label has a store and you are spoilt for choice in department stores and retail offerings. The architecture of this area is best appreciated at night and is paradise for anyone who enjoys shopping for luxury items.

You will explore Tokyo today using the super-efficient subway system. This is a fantastic way to get around the city and really is an experience in itself!

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