Private Tour of Eastern Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Spend the day with your private guide exploring the vibrant and dynamic city of Tokyo. This is one of the world's most fascinating metropolises and you will make your way around the city using the super efficient subway system, an experience in itself!

Start your tour of Tokyo with a visit to the Fish Market which supplies the highest quality seafood to restaurants and hotels around Tokyo, and Japan. Browse the vast array of seafood and fresh produce as you make your way through the labrynth of stalls and sample some of the best quality sashimi from one of the many retail vendors that line the marketplace.

Next stop by the Asakusa District and browse the local delicacies, crafts and souvenirs on offer from the hundreds of stalls which line the approach to Sensoji Temple. Be immersed in the aroma of incense and traditional atmosphere of the area in the shadows of Tokyo's skyscrapers.

Following this, a visit to the Kappabashi Doguya Shopping Street, or 'Kitchen Town', is in order. This is a must for any cooking or gadget enthusiast. The area is filled with shops which sell equipment and goods needed to operate professional kitchens accross Japan. Here you can purchase anything from a handmade knife, cooking pots or tableware to larger items like barbecues or lanterns.

Next is the opportunity to visit Ameya Yokocho Market which runs under the Yamanote Line from Ueno to Okachimachi. Traditionally this market sold sweets and lollies, but these days the goods available range from spices, to cosmetics, shoes and handbags and is more like a bazaar with and endless range of goods available.

As the sun starts to set, it is the peftect time to head over to the bright lights of Akihabara. This district is the heart of electronics and fan culture associated with anime, manga and video games. For blocks around the train station there are arcades, electronics and comic book stores filling every space selling the latests goods side by side with second hand items. Don't be put off by voltage or technology differences either, with many retailers offering international models.

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