Old Town Tokyo Food Tour

Tokyo, Japan

Take a step back in time as you leave behind the neon lights of Tokyo’s bustling centre and dive into the food and craft culture of the Yanaka district. This is a charmingly nostalgic area and offers a chance to discover a different side to the city.

As one of the few parts of the city to escape damage in the Great Kanto Earthquake and the bombing of WWII, Yanaka is a more relaxed, sleepy spot than much of Tokyo, and its streets are lined with tiny craft shops and traditional eateries. Ideal for a spot of leisurely wandering, you’ll have plenty of time to pop into some of the shops, whether for textiles, ink prints or stationary, while an occasional sample of some street food will keep you sustained, and your guide will be able to pick out the best shops and local specialities. For lunch you’ll enjoy a regional meal from Kyushu, the southernmost island, and will finish the day with a traditional tea ceremony in an antique shop.

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