Ochiai village walking tour

Iya Valley, Shikoku, Japan

A walking tour in Ochiai village, the most scenic of lya's mountainside villages with beautifully preserved traditional houses. A great opportunity to interact and get to know the life of the local villagers as you witness their day to day life.

Ochiai Village is a hidden gem deep in the valley of Iya. The village is formed along the steep slope of a mountain, where all the traditional houses are clinging on the slope, making it one of the unique sights in this area. As quoted by Alan Kerr, It’s a special romantic landscape, straight out of a painting.” In 2005, the government designated this area as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

A walking tour in the village gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature and immerse in the traditional charm of Old Japan. During the tour, you will also get to meet the local villagers who will make you understand the reason why this village has been able to be a paradise on earth.

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