Ise-Shima Exploration

Ise Peninsula, The Japanese Coast, Japan

Witness ama divers at Mikimoto Pearl Island, drive to Mount Asamayama to observe the Ise-Shima skyline if the weather is clear and continue to Kongoshoji Temple. We can also arrange abalone & lobster lunch at Ama-goya House Restaurant at your own account.

The female pearl-divers in white suits, known as 'ama', have been diving in the Japanese coast for nearly 3,000 years. Traditionally, the ama collected shellfish, seaweed and sea urchins, although as time goes by pearl production becomes more important to the local economy.

Weather permitting, we will then drive up to Mount Asamayama to fully appreciate the beauty of the Ise-Shima. At the summit of the mountain is the Kongoshoji Temple, a major pilgrim site on the way to Ise Jingu.

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