Eastern Iya Valley adventure

Iya Valley, Shikoku, Japan

Spend the day at the east of the Iya Valley, the more remote and tranquil section with amazing scenery. Begin the day with a short hike at Mount Tsurugi and then take on the challenge of crossing the Oku-Iya Vine Bridge.

Mt. Tsurugi is Shikoku's second highest mountain on the eastern edges of the Iya Valley. You will be rewarded with an incredibly picturesque view with the hike. The trek begins at Minokoshi station (1,410m above sea level) before taking the chairlift to Nishijima station (1,750 above sea level) and then hiking up to the summit. For the more dedicated hikers, you can choose to climb the entire mountain from the trailhead at Minokoshi station. The twin peaks, connected by a saddleback ridge allow an unobstructed view that reaches out to the Pacific Ocean, the Seto Inland Sea, the Kii Peninsula and Okayama Prefecture on mainland Japan.

After the hike, continue your visit to the Oku-Iya Vine Bridge also known as the husband and wife bridges.Supported with semi-hidden steel, the wooden slats offer a daunting view to the rushing water below, with thick vines binding them together.



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