Discover the Gems of Ise

Ise Peninsula, The Japanese Coast, Japan

Today's journey will bring you to Futami Okitama Shrine, Ise Jingu Naiku and Okage-Yokocho Street.

Futami Okitama Shrine is best known for its coastal couple rocks, believed to bring tremendous luck in matchmaking and marital harmony.

Ise Jingu was originally established as a Shinto praying site for the Imperial Palace during the reign of the 10th Emperor Sujin. It has ever since continued as a tradition with over 1,500 rituals conducted here yearly to wish prosperity for the imperial family, to the peace of the world and successful harvest season.

The ancient Okage Yokocho stretches one kilometre long with traditional Edo-styled houses and shops which have been there to serve pilgrims across the centuries.

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