Cooking Sun Morning Bento Class

Kyoto, Japan

A three-hour cooking class in downtown Kyoto learning the art of preparing a traditional Japanese bento meal, including classics such as sushi, tempura and miso soup. The class takes place in a beautiful wooden townhouse, called a machiya.

For many visitors to Japan, the food is a real highlight. From the precise preparation to the complex flavours and artistic presentation, the culinary scene in Japan is both unique and fascinating. Bento boxes are central to Japanese cuisine. They are single-portion take-out or home-packed meals typically holding sushi, pickles and cooked meat, fish and vegetables. Learning how to prepare them, in the surroundings of a traditional wooden townhouse in downtown Kyoto, makes for a truly unique and memorable gourmet experience. During the Morning Bento Class you will not only get to learn how to make dishes such as teriyaki chicken, egg roll, tempura and sushi but along the way you’ll also learn all about the cultural background of Japanese 'bento'. Afterwards, it’s time to sit back and relax and to enjoy the food that you’ve carefully prepared.
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