Cooking Sun Afternoon lzakaya Class

Kyoto, Japan

A three and a half hour cooking class in mid-town Kyoto learning the basics of lzakaya cooking. The class takes place in a beautiful small wooden townhouse, called a machiya.

For many visitors to Japan, the food is a real highlight. Lzakaya dining is a type of informal Japanese pub. Learning how to prepare typical lzakaya favourites, in the surroundings of a traditional wooden townhouse in mid-town Kyoto, makes for a truly unique and memorable gourmet experience. During the Afternoon Lzakaya Class you will not only get to learn how to make dishes such as dashi, spinach with sesame sauce, teriyaki yellowtail, vegetable chowder, mushroom tempura and rice with vegetables but along the way you’ll also learn all about the history and origins of this lesser-known Japanese culinary tradition. Afterwards, it’s time to sit back and relax and to enjoy the food that you’ve carefully prepared.

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