Amanemu - Discover traditional Ama diving

Ise Peninsula, Japan

Visit an Ama diving hut where you can discover the beauty of Ama diving. This traditional free-diving has been performed by local women for thousands of years who dive for shellfish and pearls. Meet these incredible women and enjoy freshly caught seafood.

Get a taste of what it takes to be an Ama diver during this experience. This unique way of life is the norm for many women living on this coastline, a tradition which dates back thousands of years. These brave women free-dive into the Pacific Sea with nothing but a mask and rope and to this day conserve the traditional Ama diving methods.

Hachiman is a rare and true Amagoya, an Ama divers hut, just a 40-minutes drive from Amanemu. Here the Amas relax, warm up and cook some hearty food after their dives. Enjoy fresh Japanese spiny lobster, abalone and shellfish whilst hearing stories of the sea from these friendly and valiant women. After lunch enjoy dressing up in the Ama uniform and on your way home combine your visit with a stop at the Ishigami shrine and the Harusame observatory.

Please note this experience will take around 5-hours.

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