Haifa & North Coast

Haifa is Israel's third largest city and the region that extends along the Mediterranean shore from Haifa to Rosh Haniqra and the Lebanese border is the North Coast, sometimes called "Western Galilee". This gorgeous region is home to some of the most impressive historical sites, a large number of beaches and also home to the Bahai World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Haifa North Coast

Set on the slopes of Mount Camel, Haifa city is split over three tier, with the lowest Carmel neighbourhood still remains as the bustling port area and the central Carmel are the residential area, and most of the tourism activities happening at the mountaintop upper Carmel. The UNESCO World Heritage sites - Bahai Gardens, stands on the central terrace of 19 landscaped terraces extending all the way up the northern slope of Mount Carmel overlooking Haifa Bay and is on of the iconic attraction not to be missed.

Located midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, sits the city of Caesarea, a historical port city of Israel which had now developed into a luxurious tourist destination. Here, you can find some of the Israel's finest homes, boutiques, restaurants and the only 18-hole golf course in Israel. When in Caesarea, one should definitely visit the magnificent archaeological site with its Roman amphitheatre, port, hippodrome and aqueduct that had been incredibly restored.

Travel further north to the next ancient city - Acre, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site with ancient walled city and colourful market. Marked as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, it has now enlarged to a highly diverse population with a long history of various cultures.

Nazareth, the holy city, nestled into the Galilean Hills can be easily visited in a day trip from Haifa. This city has for two thousands years been closely identified with Christianity and is a significant Christian pilgrimage destination. It is also Israel's largest Arab city and as such serves as a major cultural center. The well-preserved architecture of the city is also the another reason to make a day trip there.

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