Photograph the Pasola Festival with your Private Photographer

Remote Indonesian islands, Indonesia

Take the extraordinary chance to experience the incredible annual spear fighting Pasola festival on Sumba Island, Indonesia. On top of this you will have a private photographer at your disposal to help you capture the experience perfectly.

The Pasola festival, is a unique spear fighting competition on horseback which takes place on the exotic island of Sumba. Not only will you have the chance to attend but your personal photographer will be on hand in order to guide and consult on how to best capture this incredible experience. The ancient ritual fighting game, Pasola, involves two teams of men on horseback charging each other whilst trying to hit each other with wooden spears. During the festival horses are decorated in bright colours making for amazing scenes to be caught on camera.

Using his contacts, your private photographer will ensure you find yourselves in the best locations to make sure you come back with truly amazing photos. The festival takes part in February or March each year.

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