Day 3 - ME to WE: Araveli (Immersive Volunteer Trip)

Aarvelli Hills, Rajasthan, India

Day 3 of your ME to WE Immersive Volunteering Trip will include an optional nature hike and continuing your work on WE Villages project. Later you will also try your hand at making handcrafts such as block printing with the help of local artisans.

Start the third day of your time at ME to WE with a morning hike through the foothills of the Mewar region. Travel by foot with your local guide taking in the natural beauty of the area and learning about the flora and fauna you will pass along the way.

Following some breakfast, you will continue working on your assigned WE Villages project. Enjoy connecting with community members, interacting as you work.

After lunch and some down time, you will participate with some Indian artisan activities. Learn about the age-old artisinal traditions, from tie-dying to block-printing. With the help and guidance of local artisans, try your hand at making some of your own creations with these various art forms.

Before dinner you will gather together in women's or men's circle, and discover what villagers place most importance on and their worries, fears and hopes for the future. This is a wonderful way to gain a fuller insight into rural Rajasthan life, and you will see the many similarities in your own lives as you connect with the local people.


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