Day 2 - ME to WE: Araveli (Immersive Volunteer Trip)

Aarvelli Hills, Rajasthan, India

Day 2 of your ME to WE Immersive Volunteer Trip will include an early morning yoga class, before joining local women as they go about their day. After lunch and some down time, visit a farm learning about the different development projects.

Start the day right with an optional morning yoga session. Feel revived with this invigorating class which can help improve your posture and meditative abilities. Alternatively, you can also try out 'Discover your Dosha', a chance to learn which Ayurvedic body type you belong to; vata, pitta or kapha.

After a well-deserved breakfast, spend the rest of the morning with the local women and learn about everyday life as a woman in rural India. Help with the daily tasks; collecting water, feeding the animals and making delicious chapatti.

After a light lunch, you will then head out to meet with a local farmer. Hear his stories and what challenges he faces on a daily basis trying to grow his crops.

Later, you will return to the project site where you will get hands on with community members assisting with a sustainable development project. These WE Village projects involve helping to do things like laying the foundations for a new classroom at the local school.

End day 2 of your ME to WE experience with some homemade food and enjoy a dance performance demonstrating the traditional local folk dance.


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