Responsible Travel

At Scott Dunn we aim to travel responsibly and tread lightly, leaving a positive imprint on the destinations we visit. While the effects of climate change, plastic pollution and global poverty represent huge challenges, we are fully committed to being responsible both in the workplace and the destinations we visit. With new information emerging almost daily, any Responsible Travel Policy is a work in progress, but you can be assured that we are continually developing and refining robust strategies to minimise any negative impact we may have on our planet. Responsible Travel is integral to Scott Dunn and we are proud to help our guests travel as consciously and responsibly as possible.

Protecting the Environment

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the environmental threats facing our planet but there are many small steps we can all take to make a positive difference. At Scott Dunn, we are committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Carbon Offsetting

While we endeavour to travel as responsibly as possible, it is a fact that air travel is not sustainable. Yet it is also a fact that 10% of the global population, particularly in the developing world, rely on money from tourism for their livelihood. So, to help mitigate the effects of CO2 emissions produced by aircraft, at Scott Dunn we believe in offsetting our carbon footprint by donating money to renewable energy projects in the countries we visit.

We have partnered with ClimateCare to give our guests the option to offset their carbon footprint for flights booked through us, and from 2020 onwards, we pledge to offset all international travel undertaken by our staff for business purposes.

Protecting and Empowering People

As part of our mission to travel responsibly, we respect and honour all human rights, especially in developing nations where poverty can make the local population vulnerable. Given this, we positively support local community initiatives and enterprises but do not engage in activities which we feel would have a detrimental impact on the lives of local citizens.

Animal Welfare

The opportunity to see a wide range of exotic bird, marine and wildlife can be a major factor in choosing a holiday destination. In order to protect this indigenous wildlife, we only work with operators committed to ethical and genuine animal welfare practise. As a result, we do not promote any wildlife experiences which compromise on our animal welfare standards.

We will not sell any activities that exploit wildlife including elephant back riding, cetaceans in captivity, trophy hunting and bull fighting or running. While we work with a small number of properties that do still offer elephant back riding and dolphins in captivity to non-Scott Dunn guests, we pledge to use our influence to encourage these suppliers to stop offering elephant rides by 2022 and non-ethical marine life experiences by 2023.

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