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Find out more about the Scott Dunn Leadership team in Singapore & Hong Kong.

Theng Hwee Chang - CEO, Scott Dunn Asia

Theng Hwee became the CEO Scott Dunn Asia in 2018. He started a travel business (Country Holidays) in 1994 after a short stint with a bank. Equipped with a business degree and a strong passion for travel, this leap of faith turned out to be the best decision of his life; the homegrown travel agency provided an answer to those who yearn for bespoke holidays in far-flung places.

Jess Yap - Head of Commercial & Support

Jess is Head of Commercial and Support across Asia. She began her career in the travel industry more than 15 years ago and have never looked back. Jess started her earlier years in the travel industry embarking on hiking trips in the Himalayas and camping out in the Africa wilderness. These are some of her most cherished moments which she still holds so dear after so many years.

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