Hike Dariali Gorge

Kazbegi, Eastern Georgia and the Heartland, Georgia

The hike brings you to highlights such as the mysterious Tsdo village where ritual lamb slaughter takes place, traditional Georgian cemetery, two Gveleti waterfalls and a monastery complex near Russian border.

Measuring 1,000 metres deep, the Dariali Gorge is a hidden gem which leads you into some of Georgia's most mysterious destinations. Your first stop is at Tsdo village, where only 5 peopel lived and the old Georgian rituals are still very much alive. Up the hill, you will encounter an altar where sacrificial lambs are slaughtered yearly for the village's peace and prosperity. After visiting a traditional Georgian cemetery, we visit a small Gveleti waterfall and a large one, before continuing near the Russian border where there are eerie monasteries waiting for you to unravel.

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