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Moscow Panoramic City Tour


Visit the highlights of Moscow with your expert guide, including the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and New Maiden Convent before soaking up the views at Sparrow Hills.

Originally a commercial center, Red Square has been at the very center of Russian history since the 15th century, from Ivan the Terrible’s confession of his misdeeds to the people in 1550, to great demonstrations, executions and the great parades of the Soviet Union’s military might. Ironically, “krasny” originally meant beautiful; it came to mean “red” only in the last century!

At the southern end of Red Square is the almost fairy-tale like building of St Basil’s cathedral, commissioned in 1552 by Ivan the Terrible to celebrate his conquest of Kazan; legend has it that the architect was later blinded so that he could never repeat such a building that is so traditionally Russian. It comprises many colorful asymmetrical helmet & onion domes situated over nine chapels; the interior is full of 16th and 17th century icons, frescoes and ceiling paintings.

This afternoon you can also enjoy a visit to the New Maiden Convent, founded in 1524 and a walk up Sparrow Hills to take in the fantastic panoramic views across the city.


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