Introduction to Capoeira

Bahia, Brazil

Visit a traditional capoeira school and meet with the group leaders to learn the history and philosophy of capoeira, try your hand on instruments such as the berimbau, and learn some of the basic movements.

Traditional “Angola” style is the slower and subtler of the forms of capoeira (Brazilian martial art) in which the hands are often used to support the body as blows are delivered by the feet. A good capoeirista knows how to catch their opponent off guard and deliver a sneaky blow when he or she is least expecting. Like all great martial arts there is a vital philosophy and way of life associated with being a capoeirista, and to become a master demands years of dedication to the finer details of the art.

Music plays a very important role in capoeira. A Roda de Capoeira Angola (the circle inside of which the capoeiristas perform) cannot take place without the full bateria of berimbaus (bowed one-stringed instruments that are the backbone of capoeira), tambourines and an assortment of other percussion instruments.

Speak to a capoeira master and learn about the history and philosophy of this martial art, before trying your hand at the basic moves. Please note that the class is not private.

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