Cu Chi Tunnels

Saigon, Vietnam

The tunnels of Cu Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City. They once supported the Viet Cong, the communist forces in Vietnam and are well worth exploring today.

Take a two hour drive northwest of Saigon, through urbanized areas and quintessential Vietnamese countryside to the famous Cu Chi tunnels. The tunnel complex was initially started in 1948 to protect forces from the French air and ground sweeps. They essentially originated due to the anti-colonial Viet Minh. The tunnels also served as communication routes, storage facilities for food and weapon caches as well as hospitals and living quarters for Viet Cong fighters throughout the American war. A visit to the underground villages will provide a good understanding of the tunnels’ history, the hardship of life in the tunnels and the Vietnamese resilience during combat. It's a must see if visiting Saigon.

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