Antisana volcano and ecological reserve

Quito, Ecuador

Look out for Andean condors in the highland wilderness surrounding the Antisana volcano as you explore this private reserve, a sanctuary in the Paramo region of Ecuador. View impressive sections of lava flow and enjoy panoramic views of surrounding peaks.

Numerous endangered species can be found within the reserve, including pumas, Paramo wolves and spectacled bears, although sightings are rare. Head there with a guide who will help to keep a look out for these remarkable creatures, as well as an array of unique bird species including Andean hill star hummingbirds, Andean condors and black-faced ibis. A picnic lunch is included along the way before the drive back to Quito, marvelling at more beautiful scenery along the way.

Please note: This tour includes walking at an approximate altitude of 3,500 meters (11,000 feet).


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