Jewish Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague's Jewish history reaches back centuries and a day with a local guide committed to Jewish revival in Central Europe offers a unique viewpoint on both the culture and history.

The golden age of Prague's Jewish community began in the 16th century. Prague nobility in 1501 allowed for an open atmosphere of economic activity.Yet during the Habsburg reign, the Jewish people were expelled twice in 1542 and 1561.Each time they returned to prosper even more. From 1564-1612, the reigns of Maximilian II and Rudolf II were “golden ages” for the Jews in Prague. In the early 18th century, the Jews accounted for about one-fourth of Prague's population. More Jewish people lived in Prague than anywhere else in the world. This “golden age” ended with Empress Maria Theresa abdicating the throne, and expelling the Jews once again.

On this private tour, walk through the former Jewish Ghetto and surrounding area. Visit Prague's famed the Spanish, Maisel, Pinkas and Klausen - nowadays serving as exhibition halls for the Jewish Museum, with many documents and artefacts pertaining to Prague's 1000 years of Jewish history. Spend time at the extraordinary Old Jewish Cemetery; and last but not least, the Old-New Synagogue, Europe's oldest surviving synagogue.

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