Xizhou Morning Market & Zhoucheng's Farmer Home

Dali, Yunnan, China

Stroll through the Xizhou Morning Market to purchase fresh produces. Afterwards, we continue into a local farmer's home in Zhoucheng to learn about their produces and taste their local specialties, finished off with a Three Course Tea Ceremony.

Head into the bustling Xizhou Morning Market and brush shoulders with the local Bai people as they haggle and showcase some of the best seasonal produces popular among the ethnic minorities of Yunnan.

Afterwards, we continue into Zhoucheng Village, the largest Bai minority village located just north of Dali. As many as 1,470 minority families call this place home. We will visit one of the local farmer's home, an authentic way to learn about the local culinary cuisine.

We will finish off with a unique Three Course Tea Ceremony experience customary to the Bai people. The first course is served with a bitter tea to represent the difficulty which everyone has to overcome before getting into success. Afterwards, the second tea is served sweet as a metaphor for the fruits of the labour. Finally, the third tea is considered the reflection tea to represent the peaceful gratitude we have as we look back at the past

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