Three Little Gorges

Chongqing, Sichuan and Yangtze Cruises, China

Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on Daning River, passing through the Dragon Gate Gorge, the Misty Gorge and the Emerald Gorge. Stroll in the Daning River Ancient Plank Road and admire a black wooden coffin suspended by the Misty Gorge.

Located at the lower reaches of Daning River, the Wushan Three Little Gorges may not be as famous as the classic Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, but the cruise is decorated with elegantly stunning peaks nonetheless.

Dragon Gate Gorge stretches for as long as 3,281 yards with precipitous cliffs at the mouth face resembling the Kui Gate of the famous Qutang Gorge, hence it is often dubbed as the Little Kui Gate.

Misty Gorge is also known as the Iron Coffin Gorge as there is a black wooden coffin suspended by the cliff side in this six-mile-long gorge. Interesting rock formations resembling monkey fishing for the moon and Kwan Yin sitting on lotus can be seen for those with good imagination.

Emerald Gorge measures 12 miles long and it is the most charming of Three Little Gorges.

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