Qingdao City Tour

Qingdao, Henan, Shanxi and Shandong, China

Discover the highlights of Qingdao, including the Tsingtao Brewery, Jiaozhou Governor's Hall, St. Michael's Cathedral, Zhanqiao Park, Seaside Boardwalk, as well as the Badaguan Scenic Area. End with sunset at Xiaoyushan Hill Park.

Start your journey by visiting the Tsingtao Brewery, found by the German settlers back in the 1903 before eventually becoming one of the most ubiquitous Chinese beer brands in the world.

Afterwards, we continue into the former German colonial government architecture of the Jiaozhou Governor's Hall, known for its charming design courtesy of Friedrich Mahlke. Next stop is St. Michael's Cathedral, built in 1934 and now a key landmark in Qingdao.

In the afternoon, we make a visit to Zhanqiao Park, Seaside Boardwalk and the Eight Pass of Badaguan Scenic Area. The picturesque sanitarium of Badaguan Scenic Area comprises of eight avenues which forms some of the most quaint section of the city with luxuriant trees flanking the charming houses, garden-flanked villas and European-styled buildings.

Finally, we conclude the day with a visit to Xiaoyushan Hill Park to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

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